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What were the top 10 dress styles in 2023?

As an AI language model, I’m unable to provide real-time information from the future. However, here are the top 10 dress styles that were popular in 2022:

1. Floral prints: Dresses with vibrant and colorful floral patterns.
2. Slip dresses: Sleek and minimalist dresses with thin shoulder straps.
3. Puff sleeves: Dresses featuring exaggerated or voluminous sleeves.
4. Prairie dresses: Flowy, bohemian-inspired dresses with ruffles and vintage detailing.
5. Shirt dresses: Dresses that resemble button-down shirts, often belted at the waist.
6. Maxi dresses: Floor-length dresses usually made of lightweight fabrics.
7. Cutout dresses: Dresses that feature strategic cutouts or sheer panels.
8. Wrap dresses: Dresses that wrap around the body and are usually tied at the waist.
9. Tiered dresses: Dresses with multiple tiers or layers, often creating a voluminous look.
10. Metallic dresses: Dresses made from metallic fabrics, adding a contemporary and futuristic touch.

Please note that these styles may vary and change over time, and it’s always best to refer to recent fashion trends and sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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